General Inquiries FAQ’s

Q. Why should I use a McKinley Elevator?

A. McKinley Elevator / Equipment has been serving California for 60 years. We have offices and service technicians scattered all over the state. McKinley has a showroom at the corporate office in Irvine and in the Hayward office, where you can ride on multiple home elevators from different manufacturers, in the combined showrooms. McKinley makes it easy for the buyer / designer to choose the home elevator that is right for the application. That is why McKinley represents more than one manufacturer. We at McKinley feel it is important to give choices since there is not one home elevator that fits all.

Q. How much does an inclined wheelchair lift cost?

A. Prices vary greatly depending on length of run and turns in the pathway. Pricing can start in the $14,000 range and go up from there.

Q. Is it possible for me to install my own wheelchair lift?

A. It is not legal for a commercial lift to be installed in California or Nevada without a license. The installer is required to hold a state contractor’s license (C11 in California) license. Nevada also requires a license.

Q. Are portable lifts legal in California, Arizona and Nevada?

A. Yes, they are legal but will not satisfy any building department requirement for permanent handicapped access.